Garbology (Waste Management) Training Program

Waste Management (Garbology) teachers training program was conducted on 11th of July 2015 in Shree Bharathi Vidyapeetha, Badiadka, teachers from Uruvalu, Manglore, Mujungavu and Badiadka were participated. The details of the program is given below: (Program Photographs attached herewith)

Inauguration Program:-

The program started with prayer by the teachers of Badiadka . Mr. Chandrashekar, Program Manager,Gramothan Seva Center, Badiadka welcomed the dignitaries to the dias then Smt. Leevathi , Badiadka School PTA president inaugurated the program by lighting the Kuthu Vilaku. Mr. Sathya Narayan Sharma, Headmaster SBV School, Badiadka explained about the importance of the program to the teachers, PTA members, School Committees members, Gramothan Committee members, Gramothan Staffs and other local invitees present. Mr. Jayapraksh( Badiadka,School Committee President), Mr. SathishBanari (Secretary,Uruvalu School Committee) Mr. Ribu and Ms. Chandra the trainers from Wasteless, Pondicherry were the other dignitaries present in the dias. This program was arranged in the new hall of the School.

Session I : Introduction about Waste Management and Garbology Kit

Training session was organized in the V- SAT class room of the school. Mr. Ribu Arora explained about various kinds of wastes, importance of source segregation, waste handling in various countries,issues/problems due to improper way of handling the waste, how solid waste affecting our ecological system, Necessity to educate the students about waste management Etc., through PPT presentation. Later Ms. Chandra explains about the Garbolgy Kit, how they developed, how to learn the Garbology kit in a proper method, how to use the training material and educate the students.

Session II : Awareness Movie on Waste Management and Group Discussion

The second session starts with a documentary film on awareness on Waste management. Even the film is in Tamil, the teachers enjoyed the film and it gives more idea about the importance of waste management. Then the group was divided into two: One headed by Mr. RIbu and the other by Ms. Chandra. In both groups they explained about the classification of waste, its degradable period and given some activity from the Garbology kit.

Session III : Question & Answer

After the lunch, Mr. Ribu and Ms. Chandra recollected the way how to learn and use the Garbology kit and various other techniques to be followed during Garbology class. In the session most of the teachers interacted with trainers and asked various doubts about waste management and garbolgy kit. Both the trainers clarified their doubts and extended their full support to the school for this project.

Concluding Program:-

In the concluding program, few teachers shared their experience and all felt it’s a useful and interesting program. Both the trainers were honored by the PTA president Smt. Leelavathi and by Mr.Shyam Bhat, PTA member by gift and shawl . Also Mr. Ribu and Ms. Chandra shared their views and extend their support and ready to provide various training materials in future. Vote of thanks by Smt. Manju, Badiadka School teacher.

Feedback from Teachers:

1. Very useful and interesting program.
2. Got new ideas and information about managing waste.
3.By keeping two waste bin system in the school campus, it is easy to educate the children about Waste Management.

Event Photo: