Training on VSAT

VSAT Training on 20th May to 21st May2015

A two day residential VSAT training program to Computer teachers and VSAT coordinators of our math schools was held from May 20th to 21th May 2015. 11 teachers and 3 Resource persons participated in the program. Computer syllabus was given to all schools. DR Sharada Jayagovind visited the training center on 20th May 2015 and interacted with participants.

Rakesh System Admin of Edutel taught Basic computer Language like software like UNIX, linux, operating system, and there was exam on it.

Vamshi, Manager Edutel technical team took the classes on VAST operating system. On the next day he took the exam and demo from the participant. All the participants gave the demo.

Dhanush, assistant manager Edutel technical team took the classes on VSAT application how it works then he asked the participants what all problem they are facing on VSAT. All participants told their problems Dhanush gave the solution to the participants in the class. Then there was an exam and then the feedback form. Dhanush also gave his numbers of his technical team to all Participants who are new.

MR Venkataraja coordinated the program on behalf of Edutel technology.

Satyanaryana Sharma (Principal of Badiyadka School) gave the vote of thanks.

The names of the participants, who took part in VSAT training program:

  • Satyanarayana Sharma (Badiyadka)
  • P.Shivakumari (Mujungavu)
  • Prabhavathi.B (Uruvalu)
  • Gayatri (Uruvalu)
  • Hari Prasad (Uruvalu)
  • Anatha (Mangalore)
  • Arun Naik (Murur)
  • Chethana Naik (Murur)
  • Sadnanda Hebbar (Hosanagar)
  • Vinaya.S.M (Mysore)
  • Mamtha Bhat (Chaduravalli)
  • Ganpati.S.Bhatkere (Office)

Resource Person Names

  • Rakesh (System Admin)
  • Vamshi (Manager Edutel Technical team)
  • Dhanush (Assistant Manager Edutel Technical team

Event Photos: