Story Telling Workshop to DCS Schools Primary & Middle School Teachers

Phase : 1
Faculty : Mrs. Aparna Athreya – Bangalore Storytelling Society (BSS), Bangalore
Venue : Mysore School
Schools Attended : Sri Sai Saraswathi Vidyakendra, Mysore School
Date of the Training Program : 30th September, 2015
Feedback Received from the Principal : Mrs.Ramya Venkatesan

1. The workshop was conducted for 5 1/2 hrs..
2. She gave a detailed introduction about the role of story telling in today’s teaching learning activity.
3. She showed a wonderful demo with appropriate props. The bug that had five spots.
4. My observation on this workshop is that it is very much meaningful and is practically applicable in teaching any concept provided the teacher has the thorough knowledge of what she wants to teach.
5. She is full of energy, very enthusiastic and bubbly.
6. She used the talk method. Could have been better if she gave some worksheets related.
7. She also explained the complete topic through a PowerPoint presentation.
8. She actually broke the ice and made each teacher to come forward and speak something.
9. Over all, very interesting and meaningful session.