GARBOLOGY ( Waste Management )TRAINING PROGRAM 2016 – 17

Program Manager – Anush Kumar of Gramothan India Foundation conducted Garbology training program @ Uruvalu, Manglore, Badiadka & Mujungvau Schools in two sessions.

Session 1 : For Students. Through PPT presentation, we have explained about the Types of waste, Waste generation, Health/ Safety / Environmental threats due to improper handling of waste, Facts about plastic carry bags, Issues in handling municipal waste, How to handle municipal waste, Role of a student in protecting the environment, Introduction about the importance of Garbology 101 Kit, Etc., followed by question & answer.

Session 2 : For Teachers. We explained, how to use the “Garbology 101” kit in a effective way through a PPT presentation followed by discussion with teachers. The following points were suggested to implement the Garbology program in Schools. To allot one period every week, teachers to conducted the program, to keep the campus neat & tidy, to send report on a monthly basis.