About Us

From times immemorial, Shree Math – which was established by Adi Shankaracharya in Gokarna – has been imparting Vedic education through several of its Veda Patashalas. The pontiffs of Shree Math are renowned for their scholarship and spiritual prowess. During the reign of the present pontiff Srimad Jagadguru Shankaracharya Shree Shree Raghaveshwara Bharathi Swamiji, Shree Math has made a foray into the field of modern education, and runs several schools in Karnataka & Kerala under the banner of Dharma chakra Samsthanam.

It is the responsibility of a school to impart education which will mould the students as valuable assets of a society. In order to achieve this noble objective, Dharma chakra Samsthanam Schools (DCS) have integrated modern innovative pedagogy with the ancient wisdom of Bharathavarsha. The mission is to create an ideal society through an ideal education based on Dharma or righteousness. Most of the DCS schools are located in the rural areas of Karnataka and Kerala. They provides quality, value-based education to students. They aim to empower the rural children with modern skills, without alienating them from the rich cultural tradition of Bharath. These schools share some special features:

  • Child-centered joyful learning in a natural environment
  • Recognized and reputed schools affiliated to Central Board, ICSE or State Boards providing Nursery, Primary, Secondary and High School education
  • Equipped with modern technological features like VSAT, Smart classes, and more
  • Function as Gramothana centres that host community welfare programs and activities
  • Focus on all-round development of students through sports, cultural & literary activities
  • Interactive digital magazine for readers to explore various facets of DCS Schools
  • Promote the study of Sanskrit, Vedic Mathematics and other traditional knowledge
  • Guidance by eminent resource people to promote academic growth
  • Accomplished individuals constitute core committees that steer the schools
  • Active involvement of parents in developing the school
  • Highly talented, dedicated and well qualified staff
  • In-house training provided for teachers
  • Excellent results in Class X every year
  • Many well placed alumni